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I have a yeast infection, I also just started my period which means I can't use tampons, but I have a very heavy flow so what can I do?

Maxipads. Wear maximum absorbent pads until your period is over, and ask your doctor for oral therapy for your yeast infection, or wait to use intravaginal therapy until your period has ended.
What a bummer! Having a yeast infection while you are on your period is so uncomfortable. I'm not clear why you can't use tampons (you mean because of the yeast?), but if you can't - use pads for the time being. Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for an oral yeast treatment. If you are getting recurrent yeast infections, cut back on sugar and get tested for diabetes.
Vaginitis. If you are sure you have candidal vaginitis, then you could be prescribed Fluconazole orally as a single dose.

How can I tell if I have a yeast infection or am I getting my period?

How to tell. Symptoms of a yeast infection may include: burning, redness & itching of the vulva; burning with urination & vaginal intercourse & a clumpy, white, vaginal discharge with no odor. Sometimes the discharge isn’t apparent. Leukorrhea which is a normal white vaginal discharge, does not cause pain, itching, burning or redness.

I have a yeast infection I believe and I started my period. I need to see if my symptoms match up?

Yeast. You could try an over the counter antiyeast product such as Monistat and see if you get better over a few days.