Is it safe to take a vitamin d supplement? Could lack of vit d be a cause of irregular ovulation?

Yes it is safe. Vitamin d could boost the fertility of women suffering from ovulation problems, a new study has found.

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Is it safe to take a vitamin b supplement, a vitamin d supplement, and a multivitamin all at the same time?

Do not over do it. Most what you take if above normal use goes in the urine and if it is too much could have some side effects.

Doctor recommended some vitamin d supplements, he didn't say how much to take. What is a safe dose with all my meds I am on?

Vitamin D dose. You need to have a baseline vitamind level and if it is low less than 40, you may need to get loading dose with as much as 50000 units by prescription weekly for 12 weeks and follow that by daily vit d3 of 2000 units daily to maintain level above 40 or 50 and less than 80.

Scheduled to have "bone densitometry - DEXA" it's says do not take calcium supplements. So is vitamin d-3 1000mg safe to take day of test or not?

It is safe. Taking Vit D on the day of the test is perfectly safe as this is a fat soluble vitamin that stays in your system and helps with calcium uptake into the bone over the long term.

What dose of vitamin d could I take to help with ovulation without causing problems by taking too much?

5000 units. I advise 5-6000 units of vit d a day to get a good level of vit d. One likely has to take 40, 000 units a day to become toxic, so there is a wide safety margin. After a couple moths consider a blood test to assess your levels and do some fine tuning of the dose, but 5000 units is good for most.