My gf took Plan B and its been already2 weeks and she hasnt had her period when should my gf take the pregnancy test?

Now. If she has missed her period take the upt; the Plan B may have offset the period a bit because it alters the uterine lining. Check my statistics but i think Plan B reduces the pregnancy risk by 75-80% depending on when it was taken. You want it prior to 72 hours after intercourse. Baseline rate of pregnancy is about 15% per month or so, odds fairly low of pregnancy but if peg a upt should be +.

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Is my GF pregnant? She has taken Plan B less than1 hr after sex. She took a digital pregnancy test & it was neg. She just got her period. Help is she?

Probably not. Home pregnancy tests are very accurate and not affected by foods, herbs, common illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases, or medications. A correctly done urine test gives a reliable result 3 weeks after sex (3 weeks after when conception might have happened) or 1 week after missing a period. If done sooner, a positive result is likely real, but a negative result may be due to testing too soon. Read more...

I had sex on the 16th with my girlfriend. She took Plan B on the 18th. When should we expect her period to come? When should we try a pregnancy test?

Plan B. First it is important to understand that Plan B typically works within the first 72 hours after have unprotected sex. Her period shouldn't have changed much, she should still expect to have her period around the same time as any other month. You can take that pregnancy test now if you would like. Read more...