Is soy safe during pregnancy? Should I avoid anything with soy, like soybean oil, soy sauce, & soy lecithin? Read that estrogen in soy can affect baby

Soy is ok. Too much can be a problem like anything else. It is best to read labels and look for non gmo soy (90% is genetically engineered). Soy can have estrogenic affects. It is better to avoid if you know you have a boy. If youdo not know the sex, be sensible...Read labels and do not overdo. You do not need to avoid everything with soy.
Things to ponder. Much of the far east consumes soy in many forms as a major part of their diet. That includes pregnant women and their population flourishes. (China, Japan, etc.) It is safe in moderation during pregnancy and there is no reason to exclude it. The media likes to fan the flames of worry with such myths.