My BP seems to be very sensitive to stress and anxiety but normalizes when relaxed. Can spike due to white coat syndrome. What if anything can done?

Many options. One could stay out of doctor's offices. Not really. The underlying diagnosis - whether it be performance anxiety, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, mixed anxiety/depression, or even simple phobias like that of needles - are easily treated. Relaxation protocols, meditation, cognitive-behavior therapy, cutting back on nicotine/caffeine, exercise, biofeedback, and medications/natural remedies.
Labile BP. Labile hypertension, reactive to external factors like stress , anxiety, fear, etc , can be managed. In fact., there are apps for smart phones that have zen style tones and biofeedback to help anywhere . I've seen it work for myself. The general idea is to desensitize yourself to predictable triggers .Meditation , yoga, behavior mod psychotherapy all help.