I am 28 yrs & my BMI is 29. Please guide me on effectiveness of products like herbalife in losing weight and keeping the body fit and healthy?

Herbalife. Herbalife is a company that makes all kinds of products, and you would need to look carefully at each one to decide if it would be safe and helpful for you. I agree with my colleagues that sustainable weight loss and maintenance depend more on healthy eating and exercising than relying on external diet pills and processed "diet" foods. You will end up spending more money taking those also.
Lifestyle change is. Key more tha anything commit to making sustainable changes to diiet and exercise your goal is to get to bmi 25 or less.
If weight stable. Works better than eating 100 calories less each day than you're used to eating to lose 1 lb/ month lose 2 lbs/ m if eat 200 cal less each day- that's = 2 pieces of bread or its equivalent each day less save yourself some money!