What does it mean when im having frequent urination headaches and sleepy all the time?

Depends. These symptoms may be transitory. If not, consider being tested for diabetes amongst other causation. An md visit is in order, soon.

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I've missed my period over a month now, im always sleepy slight headaches alil breast sore frequent urination but a negative hpt. Whats wrong with me?

Need more testing. Although hpt are very accurate I would suggest you consult your local physician. A lab performed urine pregnancy test as well as a thyroid test may be indicated. There are endocrine disorders that can have varied and vague symptoms that may be causing your medical issues. Unfortunately blood and urine testing will be required to definitively determine the cause. . Read more...

The headaches frequent urination and being sleepy all came after I had unprotected sex and he did cum inside me can I be pregnant? Irregular periods

Maybe. If you are worried that you may be pregnant, get a home pregnancy test to see. If positive, make an appointment with your doctor to confirm. If negative, consider re-taking the test a week or two later. Hope this helps. Read more...