Bad odor, no discharge. On orthocyclen (ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate) first month, on inactive pills. No period. No period month before bc. Possibly pregnant?

Possible. Its not unusual to not have a period on the pill, check a upt. The odor could likely be improved by a short course of antibiotic. You could use a vinegar douch but do so carefully in that too much pressure could cause push bacteria to go into uterus creating an infection? The upt is the way to go, no one will tell you you can't be pregnant unless you have no uterus. Good luck.

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I have been on on the birthcontrol previfem (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol) for two years and have a brown discharge a week before my period. Is it normal? Any way to make it stop?

Breakthrough bleed. Breakthrough bleeding (bleeding at the wrong time) is very common on birth control. Its no big deal and usually self corrects over time. If you are not satisfied or it continues to happen then consider using a different birth control method. It is a common side effect and does not mean something is wrong or that the pill is not working. Read more...

My girlfriend and I were having sex and I finished inside of her. She has been on trinessa (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol) birth control for only two and her period ended about 5 days as go could she get oregnant by? Sh Shouldget birth control?

Unprotected sex. Hi, is she on birth control in pst 2 days or past 2 months, if she has been on it for 2 months the chance of pregnancy is very slim but if she's been on the in past 2 days then the risk is higher, even though ur girl friend is on pill it's wise to use protection to prevent STDs. Read more...