Massage therapist found 1" lump on my shoulder blade that is not muscle. Bladder ca 1 yr ago & smoked for 35 yrs. Should I be concerned?

I am concerned. I am praying for you kimberly. You have to get it checked out to make sure everything is ok. It could be anything, a benign lipoma... You have to get it looked at, the sooner the better. Please no delay. God bless you with health. God loves you.
Only a little. Unusual for bladder cancer to spread to the soft tissue, most likely a subq lipoma or sebaceous cyst, though given your history of bladder cancer should have it seen by a physician.
See your doc. I always tell folks, "don't get excited till you have something to get excited about." a lump found by a massage therapist isn't anything to get excited about. However, you need to see your doc to have this thing properly evaluated. This will likely include imaging and a biopsy. However, at the end you should know whether to worry or not.