What causes chest pain and rapid heart rate during a panic attack?

Panic. You are flooded with adrenaline, which would normally occur in fight or flight stress responses, when you are faced with life or death emergencies. This activates nerves supplying muscles in heart and elsewhere. If the heart muscles blood supply is compromised, pain or even angina can occur. But initially, the lactate from metabolism of glycogen as an energy supply can cause muscle pain.
Adrenaline. If you are anxious, your body will produce adrenaline to either fight or run away. As your blood pressure gets higher, heart rate increases, it puts a bigger work load for your heart, and with that came the chest pain from the added work of pushing blood against a high forward pressure. Get your heart checked out.

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Palpitations occurring had panic attack yday head goes numb couple seconds heart rate slows when walking up stairs to worryingly slow bps chest pains?

Confusing. I know you're limited in the number of characters you can type, but your question is very confusing to me. (maybe it's my american english?) :) for your palpitations: there are many causes/kinds. You need a 24 hour holter recording to see what's actually happening. Read more...

Can anxiety cause problems even if ur heart never races. Like can u have anxiety issue without rapid heart rate or panic attack?

Yes you can. Some anxiety manifests more in worrying, tension, insomnia, etc, rather than physical symptoms like fast heart rate. Physical symptoms like that and others (including fatigue and headache) are still very common. You don't have to have panic attacks for anxiety to bother you either. Help is available if you work with a psychologist who understands these things, or a psychiatrist too. Read more...