I have numbness, tingling and pain in my face, feet and arms. My feet fall asleep several times a day. My eeg, emg, brain and cs MRI were negative. Why did my nerve tests show normal?

?diagnosis. Seems you have gone through many tests without final answer. You could possess a small fibre neuropathy, which might explain all of your symptoms, but best to see an expert neurologist with experience in this area. There are other possibilities such as even fibromyalgia, or metabolic issues, and medication rxtn.
Other options. It is not normal to have numbness in the face; however sometimes it is an abnormal feeling and not just numbness. It would be called parasthesia. This could be secondary to the pain. You may also be going through emotional difficulty which could cause many of the autonomic symptoms. Hormonal imbalance may be playing a role. Cardiovascular problems may be playing a role. Start with your md.
Testing has limits. It depends on the tests that were performed. Not all tests have 100% sensitivity for the disease tested. For example, the ncs that you had cannot rule out something called a small fiber neuropathy. You will need to follow up with a neurologist to discuss need for work up of that problem. Finally, there are psychiatric diseases that can present with multiple neurological symptoms.