I developed a pain in my lower back that moved to my right side.  no other pain-kidney stones?  

Possible. Yes it is possible that the pain you describe is from the kidney stone. Thete are however, many other possibilities. To sorted out you will need an examination and possibly a noncontrast ct scan of the abdomen and pelvis to identify a urinary stone.
Back pain. There are many conditions that can cause lower back pain radiating to one side or the other. A complete physical examination with appropriate tests is your best chance of finding the cause of this pain.

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I passed a kidney stone a few weeks ago but have continued to have odd smelling urine as well as lower back pain (on the side of the affected kidney.)?

Best to be seen. While some soreness might be due to recent stone passage, if you are having some urine complaints (odd smell) along with lower back pain it might be best to have urinalysis and exam to look for possible infection.

Having lower back pain on right side plus hip and front pain came on very fast been told it could be kidney stones i?

YES- kidney stone. See pmd for exam, urine test, may need us. Depending on size and location of stone specialist care may be needed.

What can cause lower back pain that radiates to my left side? It sometimes hurts all the way around my pelvic area. I have had kidney stones before.

Non-spine low back. Low back pain is very common, and can arise from back and other problems. Red flags for urgent evaluation include include history of trauma, fever, incontinence, unexplained weight loss, a cancer history, long-term steroid use, parenteral drug abuse, intense localized pain, and Inability to get comfortable. Apart from these, see your doctor to evaluate referred pain or recurrent kidney stone.

What originally started as right side pain and tenderness seemed to turn into whole lower back pain below hips. Was given an taragol. Kidney stones??

Maybe. A number of disorders can give the type of pain you describe or part of it: kidney stones, acute appendicitis, neuralgia (pain due to nerve irritation or inflammation) and others. Each cause has its own characteristics; get it checked soon!

How to tell the difference between a kidney stone and lower back pain?

Not always easy. Kidney stone pain is generally unaffected by movement. Patients often bend and twist trying to get relief. Pain often radiates down into groin and may change in nature as the stone moves. Low back pain tends to be associated with an inciting event, tends to change with position and is often relieved by rest. Sometimes radiates to buttock or leg and may be felt across entire back.
Movement. I agree with my colleague above. Also kidney stone patients move restlessly trying to find a comfortable position & frequently have nausea/vomiting. Back pain patients try hard not to move, and nausea is rarely present. Kidney stones can produce blood in urine, while back pain can't.

I usually suffer from lower back pain (flank).what are the possible causes my US is clear from kidney stone...

X-ray and/or MRI. If the pain is severe and chronic (more than 6 weeks duration), then an x-ray and subsequently possibly an MRI is what a spine specialist would normally recommend.

My husband has kidney stones and lower back pain. He is otherwise healthy. At what point should they be shattered?

Ask urologist. Kidney stones cause signficant pain, sometime debilitating until eliminated. Mostly you have to suffer until they pass out. But sometimes they can become stuck at the top of the ureter or in the ureter shaft. If that persists you may suffer some kidney damage. Your husband needs to see a urologist who can assess this and protect your husband from permanent damage.
Clarification. Need urine analysis to determine whether kidney stone actively contributing to his pain.

Experienced left lower back pain expected to be caused by kidney stones but UTB is normal. What else could be possible causes on this?

The spine. Low back pain is commonly related to arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis or strains. Issues related to spine instability are also possble causes. See a rheumatologist or orthopedist.