Which medicine (10 mg of pravachol (pravastatin) or 10 mg simvastatin) is safer and tolerated while taking 5 mg of amlodipine (ccb) at night. Thanks?

Pravastatin . Pravastatin may be more tolerable and safer than simva because of drug to drug interactions!
Pravostatin maybe. There is an interaction between amlodipine and statin drugs which can cause a breakdown in muscle tissues. It is more common with Simvastatin than pravachol (pravastatin). The recommendations say Simvastatin dose should be 20mg or less if taking amlodipine. So both of your choices are ok. But assume risk slightly higher with simvastatin. Note Simvastatin maybe more effective in lowering cholesterol.

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I am taking simvastatin + beta blocker in the evening. It was ok, but pravachol (pravastatin) 10 mg + 5 mg amlodipine in the eveninggives nausea, fatigue and muscle pain. Any adjustments.?

Change. Ii depends why your regimen changed. Could you go back to the old regimen and take Simvastatin + beta blocker. Amlodipine can be taken any time of the day. Read more...
Hard to know. Without knowing more information, it's hard to explain what is happening to you. I recommend going back to your doctor and let them know. You could take the medication at different time of the day or go back to the original regimen. Your current doctor would be the best to answer this question. Read more...