Is it safe to take fluoromethelone while pregnant?

Possibly not. Fluorometholone is listed as "category c, " as are the other steroid eye drops I am familiar with. "category c" = risk may exist; either animal studies found problems, or there are no animal or human studies available. It is necessary to determine whether or not the risks of the medicine outweigh the benefits, and this should be done in conversation with the prescribing physician.
It Depends. If you're using this as an eye drop, you must consider the long term benefits for your eye. Fda categories are oversimplified. The amount absorbed is likely small, and the placenta breaks down most steroids (some less than others) before they get to the fetus. If your doctor thinks this is the best eye drop for you, protect your sight. (much higher doses are used to treat asthma exacerbations.).