I feel I have to get an orgasm "fix" every 4 to 6 days. I am not a pervert and I have never tried any psychoactive drug. Is there a medicine to control this urge? It feels like an addiction.

Why is it a problem? I agree with the answers from drs. Ali and rothman, but I have a question. Why is an otherwise normal sex drive causing you distress? Do you do things you regret? Is this harming anyone in any way? If so, speak with your physician. If no one is being hurt, why do you find a normal sex drive upsetting?
This sounds normal . This sounds like a normal urge for a male of your age. I would not recommend a drug to fix a normal physiological function otherwise you will create dysfunction.
Orgasm. Wondering if this is affecting your daily functioning or interfering with your activities of daily living?. Is it causing u distress?. Is it causing harm to your relationships?. If any of those concerns occur, please consult your family doctor for evaluation.
This is fine. The other physicians have given you good advice. Starting at puberty, a male human has to have an ejaculation every few days by any means or he becomes more and more uncomfortable, eventually being unable even to get to sleep. It's the truth, and usually Dad tells us about it. You should embrace who you are, and love responsibly. Forgive me if I misunderstood your question, and best wishes.
Look differently. Sex addictions do exist, but what you describe, by itself doesn't seem like one. If it isn't, then the problem might be your worry about it. Either way, i think you'd find a longer conversation of benefit, with a trusted pro.