Is lump in the throat cause by thyroid?

Possibly. The thyroid can cause lumps in the neck. There are many other causes for lumps in the neck and throat. You need to be seen in person and evaluated to better be able to answer your question.
Possible. But there are so many structures in the neck area that causes other than thyroid (goiter) can be the reason you are experiencing a lump. This includes lthyroglossal cyst, enlarged lymph node, branchial cleft cyst and abscess formation. Ask your doctor to run basic labs plus or minus ultrasound of the neck to determine etiology. Good luck.
More info. There are a large number of things that could cause a lump in the neck you should have a doctor check you. Do you mean a lump on the outside that is visible or something inside your mouth/throat or do you just feel as if there is something there but nothing visible.
Doctors can evaluate. Thyroid disease can run in families sometimes. Many thyroid diseases are autoimmune disorders, so doctors can check blood tests for thyroid hormone levels as well as for antibodies against one's own thyroid gland. There are other reasons for "lump in the throat" sensations, such as anxiety, swollen tonsils, enlarged lymph nodes, etc... A primary dr., an ENT dr., or an endocrinologist can evaluate.