What are symtoms to have tonsils removed?

ENT Dr, can evaluate. The more common reasons for getting tonsils removed are: snoring, sleep apnea, frequent tonsil infections, and persistently enlarged tonsils with "crypts", which are holes containing pieces of firm whitish stuff. An ENT doctor (otorhinolaryngologist - ear nose throat doctor) can evaluate and make recommendations.
Infection is one. The main reasons i tell my patients are airway obstruction leading to disordered sleeping or apnea, multiple recurrent infections or concern for a possible tumor. Typically 6 or 7 infections in one year, 4 a year for 2 years or 3 a year for 3 years. Another reason can be whitish/yellowish foul smelling debris in the tonsils known as "tonsil stones" or "tonsil cheese.".