Is it normal to have drainage out of my belly button after laparascopic surgery? The surgery was on thursday. The drainage is light red and on my shirt.

No, but not uncommon. This is not "normal", but it does happen occasionally. It usually is drainage of fluid that has accumulated under the incision. Usually not a problem, but you should have your surgeon look at. While you wait to see your surgeon, keep the area clean and dry. Keep it covered with sterile gauze or large bandaid. Keep a close eye on it. Any increasing drainage, redness, or pain are warning signs.
Natural Process. When there is injury to our skin, inflammation occurs which means the area becomes red, warm, tender and with swelling. The swelling occurs under the skin layers and then can leak out of an open wound. The fluid contains water, protein, electrolytes and cells that give it color. This is a natural process and aids in healing. As it heals, the drainage will decrease. Keep it covered.
Not unusual. Most of the time it's just some serous drainage from the fatty tissue, and will resolve after a few days, if it persists or you develop surrounding redness follow up with your doctor.