Can I have any medicine for rhinitis? And why in uk they keep calling hay ferver? I'm pregnant

Hay fever or Not. You can have allergic hay fever or non-allergic pregnancy runny nose. If you have non-allergic kind: elevate the head of your bed, nasal strips like breathe right, nasal saline rinses, otc pseudephedrine only if 14 weeks pregnant or more. Hayfever? Nasal saline rinses, steroid nasal spray, cromolyn nasal spray, pseudephedrine if 2nd-3rd trimester. Hope your nose feels happier soon.
Meds with Pregnancy. Because you are pregnant, the medications you can take are limited. The worry is that some medications may harm the developing fetus. Hayfever is a term used to denote nasal allergy, and doesn't have any fever associated with it. Discuss any medications with your doctor and do not self medicate yourself.