I have rotator cuff tendonitis what weightlifting exercises can I do?

Codman's. Best advice for a sore shoulder as it resolves and as return to working out is working on scapular strengthening and codman type cuff exercises (may google it). Keep your hands in your field of view when working out as if can't see them its not healthy for your shoulder in general. Watch the lateral raises as force at shoulder is 4x the weight w/ arm lifted to side. Indyshoulder.Com.
See below. If you have active rotator cuff tendonitis, the best thing you could do for this is lay off the weight lifting for now (except for leg and trunk exercises) see a physical therapist who can help you get back pain free range of motion and then start a strengthening program for your rotator cuff. Continuing with weight lifting is likely to make it worse and risks further injury.