Is lipo ex fda approved"? I find many different opinions. Look here: http://www. Lipoadvisor. Com/lipo-ex theclarkfirmtexas. Com/

Yes, but... Fda approval for medical devices means something quite different than it does for drugs. Fda device approval only requires a fairly minimal review. It does not entail the kind of detailed safety and effectiveness studies that are required for drugs. The fact that a device is fda approved means little about whether it works or is a good idea.
Not exactly. To the best of my knowledge after researching the topic, lipo-ex is a brand name treatment for the purpose of marketing. Physicians which offer lipo-ex use the lipotron 3000 device manufactured by reveco med which is fda approved only for medical uses, such as relieving minor aches and pains. This information may change in the future.