My mom (56) had 2 attacks in 2 yrs. Then she died due to cardiomegaly&lungs with fluid&shortness breath. Was heart transplant possible? We r dipressed.

Possibly. The evaluation for a heart transplant requires multiple factors to be reviewed and for the potential candidate to be capable of of both the transplantation and the long- term follow-up. Unfortunately, not all people are candidates for a variety of reasons.
Heart transplant. So sorry to hear about your mother! it is possible she had heart failure that could have been helped by transplant. Perhaps her doctors felt she was too ill or had too many other issues to undergo such a massive procedure. Usually medications are the first step followed by assist devices as a potential bridge to transplant. Hard to know where she fit on that path. Sorry she didn't do well.
Sorry for your loss. Candidacy for heart transplantation is affected by medical and psychosocial factors. There is an extensive evaluation prior to being listed. Can't answer your question directly without more information. A continuing problem with transplantation is the limited availability of appropriate organs.

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Is heart transplant possible if a has cardiomegaly and lungs filled with water? (a had 2 heart attacks before 2 years)

Maybe. Transplant is a potential treatment for one who has severe heart failure, or arrhythmias, that haven't responded to other medical therapy. There are a number of situations that rule out transplant including other ills, old age, so whether a given person with bad heart disease is a candidate needs to be discussed with the patients heart doctors. There are many factors to consider. Read more...
Possibly. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right candidates for heart transplant. What you appear to be describing is heart failure causing pulmonary edema (fluid in lungs) that may in part be due to heart attacks from blocked arteries. These are potential reasons for transplant. But this has to be evaluated by a transplant team. There are many factors to consider. Read more...