Can a pregnant mother of 27 weeks havin chiken pox aply acivir cream? Is dere any side efect of dis to baby or mom?

Not to the cream. Acyclovir cream is unlikely to cause any problems nor even should the pills that one might take. The problem, if any, exists with the chickenpox itself. Chickenpox usually at 27 weeks is less likely to cause problems. More frequently it does so in the early to mid trimester of the pregnancy before 20 weeks and near delivery. Check with your doctor as there are some medications that may help.
Not really. Creams are not absorbed enough to make any difference to the fetus (or you) and the med is not a problem if it did. CPX during early to mid pregnancy is seldom known to cause anything more than some benign skin changes.(unusual scars)If a woman has CPX around the time of delivery is dangerous to the baby.Without aggressive treatment it can be fatal to the baby.You should both do fine.