Is it true that taking protonix (pantoprazole) can cause a false positive for marijuana on a drug/tox screen?

Yes, however... Until researching this i did not know that Protonix (pantoprazole) can indeed cause a false positive for thc, the chemical tested in marijuana drug screens. However, if you are taking protonix (pantoprazole), (pantoprazole) tell those administering the test first & they can perform further tests to distinguish thc from protonix (pantoprazole). If you test positive, saying you used Protonix (pantoprazole) will not work unless they actually detect its metabolites in you.
Depends . Thc & its metabolites are tested under 2 main methodologies. One is a rapid indirect test often used in home, industrial or commercial settings. Detection depends on non precise methods. This is where false positives can occur. The lab standard is gas chromatography. This will yield highly precise results free of false positives. If you get a false positive, ask for the gas chromatography test.