I live in zambia and health care is limited, dr says my MCL is strained, pain is bad, what should I?

Need evaluation. Follow up with doctor. Treatment based on the severity grade i-iii. All mcl injuries should be treated with early range of motion (rom) and strengthening of musculature that stabilizes the knee joint. Conservative measures usually are adequate, but, if worse, a meniscal or cruciate ligament tear is suggested. Need to see orthopedician for, arthroscopy.
4-6 wks. If it is'only' a mcl sprain(isolated) then they usually are healed at 4-6 wks.Try to avoid reinjuring the ligament as it will heal on its own(no soccer).If it continues to hurt or 'give way' after 6 wks. Try to see an orthopedic surgeon.Good luck!