Is protein only diet with minimal carbs harmful?

Low carb Diet. Hello and welcome to HealthTap, it depends what is defined as minimal carbohydrates here. There are different types of diets that have various degree of carb restrictions. The keto diet has the lowest defined as carb less than 20 Gm/d. This type of diet should always be done with the help of an expert physician as there is risk of nutritional deficiencies, &dehydration.

Thank you.
Yes. It depends if you are not getting any carbs or essential fatty acids, which are in fat. You need some fat to convert into energy if you are not eating any carbohydrates like atkins diet. You need to add minerals and vitamins when on any extreme diets.
Protein only ? While it is true the body can make its carb needs (glucose) from protein and any existing fat, a protein only diet has some basic problems. Cholesterol is a complex molecule that forms the building block for sex hormones & cannot be made by your body. Other complex fats are also necessary to healthy metabolism. Reducing poor quality fats & carbs has many benefits but all require caution/monitoring.