What's the best way to treat a bloody nose?

Hold on tightly. Sit up, lean forward and put your chin on your chest. Grab the fleshy part of your nose and pinch the fleshy part against your face between your thumb and forefinger (like a clothespin). Squeeze tightly for 15 minutes and this should stop most bleeds. Do not blow your nose after this maneuver or you will blow the clot off and it will bleed again. If the bleeding doesn't stop see an md.
Pressure and time. It depends on where the bleed is coming from; the front vessels or the back. Tilt the head forward to avoid swallowing blood, put steady pinching pressure on the bridge of the nose just below the bony ridge. Heavy bleeds that do not stop may need to be treated by a doctor with cautery or nasal packings. Http://www. Cfpc. Ca/uploadedimages/resources/resource_items/patients/nose. Jpg.
Lean forward, pinch. While nose bleeds can often bleed impressively, it is rarely as bad as it looks, if a bit embarrassing. Lean forward to keep the blood from dripping into your mouth and stomach (and making you sick). Pinch your nose and hold it for 5+ minutes. If that doesn't work add ice back and continue as above. Then go to er or urgent care where it can be packed or cauterized.