I woke up this morning and my big toe feels like I broke it but I didn't injure it what else could ?

Gout. Go see your dr. A simple blood test will determine gout.
Various. Common problems that can involve a single joint (such as the big toe) include among others gout, arthritis, and joint infection. Gout classically affects the big toe, but can affect other joints as well. Arthritis can cause pain in one or multiple joints, but pain generally does not happen overnight. Joint infection can cause pain, usually with fever, and requires immediate attention.
Neuropathy. Is a possibility. Gout is a possibility (if there is redness, and swelling) if it pain that is causing you to feel like you broke it. An ingrown toenail/infection is a possibility but if that was the case i would think you would see inflammation by the side to the skin and a nail growing into the skin.