My 7 yr old was prescribed inhalers for her cough variant ashtma (flovent 2x day, albuterol as neede?

Common medications. School-aged children with cough-variant asthma, exercise-induced asthma, or regular asthma can use steroid inhalers (such as flovent) to reduce swelling, mucus, and "sensitivity" in the airways. Bronchodilators such as albuterol (ventolin, proventil) or xopenex (levalbuterol) enlarge the diameter of the airways to help air flow and mucus come out of the lungs. Singulair chewables are another preventive medicine.
Your question?? This is a relatively standard approach to asthma, including cough variant asthma. I like my kids to do the Flovent 2x daily if they are coughing for any reason & 1x daily if their coughing stops.

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For cough variant asthma, my 7yr old was prescribed flovent 2xday, albuterol as needed side effects?

Several. Flovent use may cause "thrush" to develop in the mouth and throat, causing difficulty swallowing. Rinse the mouth after use. Albuterol may cause a rapid heart rate, nervousness, or irritability. It is used to open up the airway. Do not stop using any of these medications without speaking to the medical provider who gave them to you to use on your child.
Some. Flovent is a cortisone type inhaler. Make sure to the child rinses his/her mouth after use since steroids may cause throat infections. Albuterol- rescue inhaler- may cause a little excitability, gitteriness, etc. Since the child is 7, make sure to use a spacer since hand-inhaling coordination is important to get drugs into the lungs.

My son has cough variant asthma when he gets a cold, it usually progresses. Otherwise he does well once it starts, he takes albuterol (wit flovent).?

Good Stuff. This is good if it works to keep him healthy. Remeber that Flovent is more preventative in nature and if used properly is to prevent flareups.
Very common. Cough is a very common sign of asthma and colds (viral infection) are the most common trigger for kids under 2 yr. To prevent progression, I have found starting/increasing the Flovent early in the cold may prevent progression. This should be outlined on the written asthma action plan. Consider using a peak flow meter to monitor and use albuterol for symptom relief. Hope to avoid prednisone.