Metal taste in mouth?

Different things. The taste might be a symptom of gum disease. Even if you don't have gum problems, poor oral hygiene can affect taste. Be sure to brush your teeth carefully at least twice a day and use a tongue scraper to remove the bacteria and debris that can collect on your tongue. Dental work done in the past can break down and alter taste. Blood can also have a metallic taste. Some medications taste metallic.

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Metal taste in mouth on tablets?

Metal taste. There are a number of causes for metal taste. Some of them include vitamin or mineral deficiencies, periodontal disease, hormonal, pregnancy, habits of chewing on objects, and more. It takes an evaluation that may include blood tests to determine your specific cause.
Oral antibiotics. The oral antibiotic metronidazole (also known as Flagyl in the USA), often causes a metallic tase in your mouth while you are taking it. The metallic taste should go away within 3-4 days after you stop taking it. Also do not drink alcohol while taking this antibiotic Drinking alcohol while taking metronidazole while cause sevdere vomiting.

Constant metal taste in mouth and loss of smell?

Smoking? Most common is chronic damage to nerves of the nose and tongue from toxic exposure. Your complaints are very common for smokers or those who use asthma inhalers too much. Heavy metal toxicity can cause these symptoms. Lead, mercury and arsenic exposure can cause this. A thorough medical evaluation would be appropriate.

I have been ttc this month im 1.5 week post ovulation and for 4 days have had a strong metal taste in mouth, stopped all vitamins 3 days ago?

Please Clarify. I do not see a question here. But, remember it takes about fourteen days post conception for the female body to become aware it is pregnant. So, these symptoms are not likely to be pregnancy related.

Can metal taste in mouth be early signs of pregnancy? I'm about 7 days past ovulation. Taking prenatal vit for 6+months now. Can't be that just now.

No way to tell. It is unusual for women to have much in the way of pregnancy symptoms prior to when the missed period would be. There are changes in taste and smell in early pregnancy. If you miss your period and have a positive pregnancy test then that metallic taste may be associated with pregnancy for you.

6 weeks after C-section and having metalic taste in mouth, am I pregnant again?

Unlikely / possible. If you did not breastfeed, you could potentially ovulate as soon as 4 weeks after your delivery - which means you could haev conceived. If a pregnancy test is positive you need to see your doctor to determine if it is indeed a new pregnancy rather than a complication from your previous pregnancy.

Want off clonazepam it has more sideeffects than it's worth however I week cold turkey is worse! Tachycardia metal taste in mouth.. 25 for years. How?

Get a pill cutter. Lower the dose to 0.125 mg daily for one month and then discontinue it. Do this however always under the supervision of your own physician.
Clonazepam. You should talk to your doctor about how to ween off of the medicine. Cold turkey can cause some serious problems.