Severe muscle spasm with gallbladder?

Stones. Severe muscle spasm in the area of the gallbladder (right upper side), may indicate gallbladder disease or gall stones or a blocked tube in the liver or gallbladder system. It should be looked at by your medical provider.

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Is it normal to have muscle spasms around my kidney/ gall bladder are?

Depends. Muscle spasms are possible in any body part depending on the activity performing leading to the spasms. Just like any other body part, spasms can occur in the back and side area, which may just be from some strenuous activity. The best is to apply a warm or cold compress (not more than 20 min at a time) and rest until it recovers. Nsaid's or other meds may help. Check with your md for these. Read more...

Gall Bladder removal on my 24 year old wonderful daughter Post surgery, blood pressure very high muscle spasms, periods of unresponsiveness MRI clear?

Drug reaction? May be a reaction to one if the myriad of medications, including the anesthesia that caused this, assuming it happened immediately after the operation. Ask for follow up with the anesthesiologist to get more input. If itnhappened in the operating room, it could have been related to a gas embolism, and that would resolve on its own. I'm sure she'll come around and be fine. Hope this helps! Read more...