How effective is using an orthodontic expanders?

Very effective. Orthodontic expanders are a great tool to expand and widen the arch which creates more room for crowded teeth. Some are passive and some are active which means that patient cooperation is necessary. If directions for use and care are followed, then the expander can be a very effective part of comprehensive orthodontic care. Visit an orthodontist for more information.
Effectrive. Much more effective before the palatal bones fuse..Once palatal fusion is complete expanders will do more tipping of teeth versus actual expansion.
Very good. Depending on the age of the child, expanders are used to widen the dental arch to make more room for the new teeth. It is important to have an earky consultation with an orthodontist to take advantage of the maximum flexibility of the bone, at about 9 years old.
Very effective. They are very effective in the hands of a skilled orthodontist and when the patient follows directions.
Very successful. To use expanders successfully, it depends on many factors, such as age and supporting tissue. In general, they are some of the most predictable orthodontic appliances.
Very. expanders with widen the upper palate and are very effective at doing so. We have even had success using on young adults in their 20's although these are typically used on younger children who are still developing.
Very, for kids. Orthodontic expander are very effective in expanding the right and left palatal bones while a child is still growing. Once these bones have fused the only expansion that can take place is dental. This too can be effective if your teeth are leaning too far in towards your tongue but if they are not leaning in, or if they are already leaning out, an expander has limited effectiveness.
Depends on age. Orthodontic expanders, when used on growing patients, can be significantly effective in creating room for permanent teeth and developing the upper arch for increased tongue space. Because the roof of the mouth is the floor of the nose, it can also increase the capacity to breathe through the nose. In adults, expander use is primarily limited to uprighting teeth in a collapsed dental arch.
Very. Expansion therapy for a side-to-side skeletal problem very effective. Expansion to improve tooth-size to bone-size ration is also a viable treatment choice. Expansion combined with surgery also effective for the non-growing adult patient. See qualified orthodontist who is trained to evaluate transverse skeletal and arch length discrepancies, and then choose the appropriate individualized rx.
Very. They work very well. This therapy has been popular for 70 years.