My lower back under my ribs on my left side hurts?

Many possibilities. This could be due to a pulled muscle, which needs time to heal and may benefit from anti-inflammatory medications (motrin). It may also be a kidney infection which is commonly accompanied by burning on urination and frequent urination. A doctor can look for other causes such as rib injuries, lung infections, tumors or cancers in the area, problems from the aorta or pancreas in the abdomen, etc...
Kidney or strain. Kidney pain can be due to: obstruction, stone or infection. Urinalysis can demonstrate latter two if blood, white blood cells or bacteria are present. Back muscle strain would cause increased pain with flexing or twisting spine. You need to examined by your dr. Ct scan may be required.
Ouch. As an osteopathic medical student, might I suggest that you seek out an osteopathic physician, or D.O., who practices osteopathic manipulative medicine. If this is a musculoskeletol problem, they should be able to use their 10 fingers to help fix it. If it is caused by a problem somewhere else, they can identify and help with that problem as well.

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My mom is diabetic and now my urine is foamy and bubbly my lower abdomen/back under my ribs one my left side hurts, should I worry? Or am I ok

See a doctor. Foamy bubbly urine is possibly urine filled with proteins. Normal urine should not have protein in it. Many conditions cause significant protein loss in the urine, one of them being diabetes. With a family history of diabetes and since diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure in the us, I would get it checked out.