Can keloid form around the eyes after having surgery or laser resurfacing?

Keloids can happen. Keloids can occur from surgery around the eyes, but this is extremely uncommon. Surgeons work to eliminate wound tension so that it reduces the risk, but every incision has a risk of keloid formation. Laser resurfacing, especially with an ablative laser, carries the risk of abnormal scarring and keloid formation, but I have personally never seen it.
Possible, but... In practice, this is really rare, even in african-american skin. Usually, eyelid incisions that are closed without tension across the incision heal really nicely.

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Could keloid form around the eyes through surgery or laser resurfacing?

Usually not. Keloid formation is the production of excessive fibrous deposits in a surgical scar. This is seen to occur especially in certain areas such as over the sternum between the breasts and in individuals with a genetic tendency since keloids are the first step in the development of fibrous tumors leading to bibromatosis and then on. Certain people have developed keloids from mosquito bites. Read more...