Non tricklia halitosis?

Causes of halitosis: Halitosis is bad breath, and has many causes, such as poor dental hygiene, gum disease, smoking, sinus infections, tonsil infections, eating onions, eating fishy foods, drinking coffee, stomach reflux, etc... The tube connecting the throat to the air tubes (bronchi) in the lungs is called the trachea (pronounced tray-kee-ah), and is usually not a source of halitosis. A "tricklia" is the trachea?
Never heard of it.... Halitosis is defined as unpleasant and characteristic odor from the mouth when you exhale. Most of the time people that care about you, or family member will approach you and tell you about your "problem" .Many patients tel me that they were offered gum by their coworkers....It is caused by millions of odor producing bacteria in your mouth, that is almost impossible to remove by brushing-flossing.