I wake up feeling fine and as the day goes on, my eyes start to hurt and I get sore spots all over my head. I have been to the eye doctor and my eyes are fine. What could it be?

Workup. You're young for temporal arteritis but it's a consideration even at your age if the spots are really tender. A full history and physical exam, including a refraction (until i was given the glasses i needed, i had bad daily headaches) is in order. Good luck.
See your PCP. If the eyes are not the cause of the pain, i'd recommend you see your family doctor/primary care provider. Lots of other things can give similar symptoms. You might ask her if seeing an ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor or neurologist is warranted.
Migraine headache? Classic migraine generally will have visual changes. Often people some visual symptoms like blurriness, spots, wavy lines in their vision. Symptoms can persist for 4-72 hours.