I've had frequent bouts of upper abdominal pain. Burning, burping, fluttering, sore chest.What's up?

Rule out heart probs

There is a good chance your problem is reflux, but with the problems you are describing you should have this checked. Heart problems can cause similair symptoms so you need to be evaluated by your MD.
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Your symptoms sound like acid reflux (heartburn). It can occur after large meals, chocolate, coffee, caffeine, or spicy foods. Identify trigger foods to avoid. Try eating smaller meals, and do not lie down shortly after eating. If antacids and these tips do not help your symptoms, it may be time to see a doctor for further investigation as these symptoms can be more from a more serious problem.
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Abdominal pain

This is most likely reflux of acid into the esophagus (feeding tube) which typically causes burning. Try Maalox or Mylanta and sees if it resolves almost immediately. If not it could be your gall bladder for which you would need an ultrasound of your esophagus to diagnose.
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