My dad has bronchitis is on meds but can't cough anything up and still can't breathe is it pneumonia?

Could be. Sometimes the symptoms of pneumonia could look like bronchitis. If your dad is a smoker, diabetic, elderly (70s or 80s), or has COPD or asthma, he's at greater risk of complications from bronchitis (i.e. Developing pneumonia). He needs to see his physician get his lungs listened to again. A chest xray may also help with the diagnosis of pneumonia. Good luck!
Possibilities... Typically, in bronchitis, there is a productive cough. Pneumonia usually has a productive cough as well as fever. If your dad has a non-productive cough and shortness of breath, bronchospasm needs to be considered and then the etiology sought. He may need bronchodilator and steroid inhalers until symptoms resolve. If symptoms are worsening, go to the er for urgent treatment.
Could be. It could be pneumonia or a number of other complications and he needs a formal medical evaluation asap, shortness of breath is always serious.