My 5 year old daughter has blood in her stool.?

See below. Bright red blood mixed in with the stool, on the surface or passed separately is usually caused by an anal fissure: if no associated diarrhea, more than 90% of children with blood in the stools have an anal fissure. Anal fissures usually are caused by passage of a large or hard stool/constipation. Black tarry stools results from bleeding in the stomach area.

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My 5 year old daughter has had blood in her stool the last two times she has gone. Recently seen family doctor and is on (generic prilosec) for ulcers?

See below. If it was bright red blood in the stool, it is not due to ulcers and Prilosec is not needed. The blood in her stool is likely due to fissures or fragile rectal tissue that bled slightly-commonly associated with harder constipation stools. Another possiblility is a soy/milk protein intolerance-enterocolitis; but rare at 5 and more common in less than 1 yr olds. Ulcer-bleeding = black tarry stools. Read more...