Are these symptoms exclusive to breast cancer- darkening, pain, and skin peeling of the area where the lump is? If not, what could it be?

Abscess. This could be a breast abscess. Overlying skin changes may become evident as the abscess matures. An examination and ultrasound with your doctor can solidify the diagnosis and rule out an atypical breast cancer.
No. But get cancer ruled out and get examined. If not you could have a breast abscess, which you would know because you would be sick, or a local dermatitis oner a benign cyst. It is cancer until proven otherwise, though, not to scare you but you need an exam.
See your doc. There is a type of breast cancer that can affect the skin. You should alert your doctor as to your symptoms.

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Are breast cancer lumps felt on the surface of your skin or do you have to feel more underneath?

Breast cancer can be. Superficial or deep. Can include a mass. Masses that are painless, irregular ; hard are more suggestive of cancer but they can also be tender, painful ; soft. Swelling of breast; thickened, red, skin; non-milky nipple discharge; new retraction of nipple, puckering or irritation of skin or pain ; sometimes swollen lymph nodes under arm(s). Seek med eval if you have suspicious symptoms. Read more...