Do you know any fabulous pediatrics practice in nj: patient oriented with emr, talk to patients by e?

No. Fabulous pediatric practices will insist on seeing your child in person, not treating them over the internet. The things you are asking for are mutually exclusive.
Chestnut Ridge Pedia. We have been an exceptional practice in northern bergen count nj for more than 40 years. We will be having emr in the next few months and have a great website. I am fairly certain some use of email will be in place in the future. We are on facebook and twitter.
New York Peds. I don't, but I am located in New York, and you can contact me via email right here on health-tap, or have video consultations with me. I'd be happy to help! You can start by following me and by becoming my concierge patient. I love email and video consultation visits and I have a very flexible schedule!
Yes. The state of new jersey website lists all physicians licensed in the state. You can check by the county or city where you are located do a pediatric physician. A guck call to their office should answer your concern about eme and e- visits.
There are many. There are many fabulous Pediatric slo or group practices spread all over NJ.We don't know where you are located.I will suggest you call the nearest teaching Hospital or go to their Web site or ask your friends or neighbers and ask them Most Pediatric Office use EMR these days.
EMR means nothing. When looking for a doctor if any kind, having EMR means absolutely nothing and should not even be on your list of criteria. In many practices EMR has helped, but in many it has also ruined the practice. EMR has zero reflection on how good or bad a doctor or practice is.