I have the relapsing-remitting MS (rrms), would lumbar laminectomy be appropriate or a mistake? I have bone spurs also. I was only dx'd w/ms 1yr ago.

Laminectomy. It depends on your paathology in lumbar spine. If you had bad herniated disc in lumbar spine, you should have laminectomy. Laminectomy will not help in spurs.
Judgement. If you have MS, there is no added risk from anesthesia or surgery and neither promote relapses or progression. Lumbar laminectomy should be based upon lumbar stability, whether you have compressed nerve with progressive symptomatologies, and whether you have failed conservative measures.
Concerned about ms . It sounds like your concerned about the consequences of the surgery to your ms. Ms patients have surgery like anybody else. Sometimes, due to the stress on your immune system, it could trigger an attack, which pretty much always responds to a course of steroids. If you are on preventative medical treatment for your ms, such as tysabri, (natalizumab) my favorite, you may not have to worry about an attack.