3 mos baby 3 milia looking bumps in same area on his upper gum only, tooth?

Epstein's pearls? Little white or yellowish bumps on the palate or upper gums of new babies are likely to be "epstein's pearls". They appear sometimes during the formation of the palate, have no purpose, cause no problems, and go away after the first few weeks or months. Parents can ask the doctor to look and see if the bumps are indeed epstein's pearls, at the 3 month or 4 month check-ups.
Possibly. Or can be an enamel pearl or an eruption cyst. Ask your pediatrician to have a look, or take your child to a pediatric dental specialist as opposed to a general dentist.
Probably not. These are likely small cysts that are rather common on the gums and palate in infants. Although teeth can come in at any age, the average age of the first tooth is around six months old.