What is renal vascular diseases?

Arterial disease. This refers to the blockage of any of the arteries to the kidneys. There can be multiple arteries to each kidney. Diagnosed with a cta or mra or arteriogram that takes a picture of the aorta. This leads to difficult to control high blood pressure (hypertension). It is able to be corrected by a procedure that dilates the artery with a balloon and sometimes requires the placement of a stent.
Arteries. Blood supply to kidney has blockage called renal artery stenosis can be cause for very high and difficult to control hypertension.
Renal. Most likely it refers to a narrowing of the blood vessels that feed the kidneys. This is more common in people with hypertension.
Plaque inside kidney. Arteries. Often the plaque is an extension of plaque inside the aorta. When the plaque limits the kidney blood supply it responds as if the entire body has low blood pressure by releasing hormones that raise blood pressure. Medical therapy is nicotine reduction, control diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol levels. Interventions can be stents, balloons or surgical plaque removal, aka endarterecto.