3 mos baby, has 3 white bumps in same area, they resemble a white head, could this b a tooth?

Probably not a tooth. The average infant starts teething between 3 - 4 months but the average age for the first tooth is 6 months old. The white bumps sound like 'epstein's pearls.' small inclusion cysts that form and resolve. They are often mistaken for teeth by parents, but not really teeth.
Probably not. These are likely small cysts that are rather common on the gums and palate in infants. Although teeth can come in at any age, the average age of the first tooth is around six months old.
Probably not. Although some children are born with teeth already erupted, 3 months is a little early. May be eruption cyst or enamel (epstein's) pearls, small calcified nodules. If you're concerned, ask your dentist to have a look or to refer you to a pediatric dental specialist.