Switched 14 mo old to cry it out. Now she wakes up from naps crying/really upset. Anything I can do?

Ferber Technique. Dr. Ferber wrote a book about solving your child's sleep problems. The technique involves gradually desensitizing your child by leaving his/her room for progressively longer times. My technique is to let the baby cry until they fall asleep. Remember once you start on this course you must be consistent. Within a week the problem should subside. Peekaboo can be helpful during waking times.
Hard dilemma. Sleeping patterns are usually pretty well set by 6 months old and often hard to change after that age without drastic measures. Crying it out usually works within 3 days if consistency is present. It's unusual for the naps to be affected like you describe. Give her lots of reassurance and hugs, this should resolve within 3 weeks in the worst scenario.