Can a torn ACL and partially torn meniscus cause long term knee damage?

Yes. Without surgical rx of both acl & meniscus. U r left with serious mechanical & instability issues in ur knee that will lead 2 wearing of the joint surfaces and arthritis early on. @ ur young age it needs to b fixed now.

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Causes/severity of post-op swelling of the knee after removal of the stitches and some standing/walking? Torn ACL&meniscus & a fracture were repaired.

If the wound is- -well healed, and this is new swelling, not left over from the surgery, it could B sign of infection, especially if U have pain @rest &have a fever, even if low grade. This needs immediate eval by Ur surgeon. . Read more...

Acl tear, p.Horn of m.Meniscus tear, early chondromalacia. Nopain during passive extension but pain extending knee for last 15 degrees against gravity?

Uncertain. If you are experiencing these symptoms from recent injury, old injury, post operative repair, or non-surgical physical therapy. Acute acl injuries in your age group are usually treated surgically while the thinking regarding meniscus repair is in flux between surgical and non surgical. Older or post operative symptoms may require different approaches. Call an orthopedic surgeon. Read more...