How does liposuction work?

Nature of Fat. Fat cells are simply storage containers for excess fuel. They expand and contract based on your diet and exercise. To a certain extent, you are responsible for the size of the fat cell. Fat cells normally do not replicate. Their number and location is determined by genetics. Placement of your fat cells determines your shape. Removal of fat cells is permanent and changes your shape as a result!
Removes fat. Liposuction removes some of the excess fat from problem areas.
Lipo elements. Wetting solution (iv solution + local anesthetic) is infiltrated under the skin first to decrease blood loss, distend the fatty plane and provide both intra-op and well as post-op discomfort. Thin metal tubes with holes at the end (cannulas) are connected to a vacumn pump, which extracts fat by making multiple tunnels, under the skin. Skin retracts under the assistance of compression garments.
Liposuction. During a liposuction procedure, an instrument is placed through a small incision and excess fat is removed.
Liposuction. Liposuction works by using cannulas to suction the fatty tissue away from areas of aggregation.
Extracts fat. Modern liposuction consts of placing tumescent solution in the area to be treated. This solution consists of lactated ringers or normal saline, reduces pain (using lidocaine) and reduces bruising/bleeding (using epinephrine). Cannula then are used to extract the solution and the fat. Compression garments are used to keep a good contour. <a href="http://www.Jjrothmd.Com/procedures/liposuction".
By aspirating fat. Today with local anesthesia lipo(fat)...Suction is a safe and efficient method to remove unwanted collections of fat lying right under the skin. A syringe or vacuum pump creates a negative pressure in a tube that is inserted through a small opening to literally suck out the fat. The blunt tip pushes aside nerves and vessels while suctioning the fat in between. There is minimal pain.
Fat removal. Liposuction removes the unwanted fat under your skin and helps improve your shape.
liposuction . Liposuction is a surgical process that removes fat. With tumescent liposuction, small puncture holes are placed in the skin. Then a dilute local anesthetic is injected into the skin. Finally the fat is suctioned out through the hole by a tube called a cannula. This causes permanent removal of fat under the skin. The whole procedure can be done while the patient is awake and though it looks like it may be uncomfortable, it is not.
Remove fat. It works by suctioning with special cannulas which range in size from 2mm to 5mm and beyond. Tissue is first infiltrated with tumescent numbing solution then fat is removed with the cannulas. Laser can be added to for skin tightening.
Liposuction. Is done by waterlogging the fat with saline+ local aneasthetic agents then passing a blunt hollow smooth stainless tube with holes in it's side and vacuum applied to the other end back and forth repeatedly. Results much better with slim lipo 877.377.4786.
Liposuction. Use of syringes or low pressure vacuum pumps to provide suction upon fat tissues that have been infiltrated with dilute local solution. When the fat is permitted to go into "suspension" in that fluid carrier, relatively low pressure suction permits gentle and safe removal of undesireable fat deposits which do not otherwise respond to diet and exercise.

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How does the vaser liposuction work?

Cut out manual effrt. In liposuction, surgeon makes to and fro movement with suction canulas of various length and width under the skin through very small incisions.The end of the suction canula is connected to suction machine with tube.The too and fro movements mechanically break down the fat globules.Vaser takes over this human effort cutting down the physical exercise part of surgeon. Read more...
Ultrasound. Vaser liposuction works by generating heat and ultrasonic energy to melt fat and destroy fibers. It also allows for some heating of the skin which aids in contracture. Read more...
Ultrasound. Vaser is an add on liposuction system that uses ultrasound to help dissolve the fat before it is removed from the body. It sounds very high tech but it is debatable as to whether it makes the results any better. There are those who feel it might be more dangerous too. Read more...
Ultrasonic energy. Vaser use a ultrasonic energy to break up fat globules and emulsifies the fat to make removal much easier. It can be gentler and cause less bruising the by preserving the skin's blood supply. It is particularly effective in areas with there is much fibrous tissue around the fat such as the breasts and back. It has proven to be very effective technology for the removal of fat. Read more...
VASER. Vaser liposuction uses sound waves to melt or liquefy the fat cells. The liquefied fat is then removed by liposuction. Vaser is generally less traumatic to the tissues and the extraction of the fat is done with less bruising and swelling than traditional liposuction. Read more...