What is slim liposuction?

Fat removal by laser. Lasers can be used to "melt" fat. The technique is to insert a small laser under the skin of the abdomen which then is directed at surrounding fat tissue. The fat cells and other tissues are destroyed. The fat liquefies, which can be sucked out, and scar tissue forms that pulls in on the skin. Slim lipo is one of a variety of lasers available, each using slightly different wavelengths.
Laser Lipolysis. Selective laser induced melting - slim liposuction is a technique utilizing laser technology to help liquify the fat which is then aspirated. The candidates for liposuction are those with fatty deposits or lipodystrophy that did not improve with weight loss or exercise. In this subset of patients the results tend to be excellent.
Slim Lipo = Laser. Slimlipo is a trademarked name for palomar's proprietary platform for laser lipolysis. The more popular version is known as smartlipo by cynosure.
Laser liposuction. Slim lipo is a form of laser assisted liposuction. A laser is used to melt the fat, provide skin contracture, and reduce bruising. Smartlipo is a similar procedure which uses three laser wavelengths.
Another form of lipo. Traditional liposuction uses a cannula to physically break up some of the fatty tissue and then suck it out. Newer technologies have been developed including laser assisted (slim lipo and smart lipo) and ultrasound assisted (vaser). Besides breaking down the fat cells, these modalities also have a thermal effect on the skin which may cause some tightening of the skin as an added benefit.
Slim Lipo. Is a state-of-the-art diode laser which is delivered to the subcutaneous fat with tiny fiberoptics via small punctures which facilitates liposuction ( done right afterwards), causes impressive skin tightening, and decreases postop swelling. It's done under local, markedly decreasing cost.877drsisto(377 4786 for more details).
Laser lipo. Just one of the many varieties of laser liposuction. Most people dont realise that laser lipo just incorporates laser with traditional lipo as an extra step in the process.