What soft foods or fluids are good to eat after having surgery on your leg with tissue expanders?

Recommended Diet. Immediately following surgery of this type, clear liquids are suggested until fully tolerated. Following that time, eating a well balance high protein, controlled carbohydrate and low fat diet is usually well accepted. Unless your md recommended something unique in accord with your medical history and health, this is the most common.
High in protein. This type of surgery does not require a specific diet but all post surgical patients should concentrate on increasing their protein intake (lean beef, eggs, chicken, tuna, beans, soy, peanut butter, etc). Trying to limit salt intake to reduce leg swelling makes sense as does drinking plenty of water. Good luck!
Healthy. Eat foods that are healthy. You'll need good nutrients to heal and to prepare your body for the next surgery.
Well balanced diet. You don't have to be limited to soft foods and liquids after expanders to the leg. A well balanced diet with good protein content is best.
BRATT DIET. A high fiber diet after surgery will help to ensure bowel motility. The banana, rice, apple, tea, toast or bratt diet is just such a diet.